Local Communities

Guelph's communities are rapidly expanding with a total population that is estimated to reach 169,000 people by 2031.  Its rich and colourful heritage dates back to the early 1800's when John Galt chose its location to create a busy and profitable hub for trading, manufacturing, health sciences and agriculture. A diverse mix of industrial, commercial enterprise, service organizations, advanced technology, and governmental and educational facilities makes Guelph one of the top ten cities in Canada each year, as its vast diversification seems to buffer economic slow down in any particular employment sector.  The City is known for its Arts and Culture, hosting a variety of festivals and entertainment in the Downtown core, and at the River Run Centre (Centre for Performing Arts and the Sleeman Centre). Green initiatives take priority as the City continues to develop a sustainable growth strategy. Unemployment numbers, although having risen in 2015, remain low in comparison to many Canadian cities, and Guelph maintains its place at the bottom of the Crimes Severity list since 2007.  A multitude of ethnicities call Guelph home, and that rich diversity in culture makes Guelph the best place to live!