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Christmas is very different than what it used to be.  As a young child, the nearing of Christmas was marked by the most certain arrival of the Sear’s Christmas Wish Book.  A tremendous amount of thought and scrutiny was given to this magical catalogue that brimmed with wondrous anticipation and delight.  I remember reading it cover to cover, placing tiny left-handed check marks on photos of insatiable promises of an otherwise out of reach reward.  After a month of narrowing down, changing my choice, and changing again, the one item I envisioned that would answer all of my dreams was written on a small piece of paper and delivered to my Mother, who would relay it to the North Pole, and into the hands of Santa Claus.  I dared not choose frivolously, as

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I've never been a fan of roller coasters!  While I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie and have had some unique death defying experiences like Death Road cycling, extreme zip-lining in Peru, rock climbing without equipment, and countless other thrill-seeking adventures, the most action-packed adventure was the Real Estate Market in 2017.  In 28 years of buying and selling real estate, I had never experienced anything like it and neither had my clients.  Everyday I prepared for battle.  My office became the Command Centre and every offer required a customized strategy, a brave and unflinching Buyer, a meticulously written contract, speed and endurance, and unrelenting mental focus.  Prices were no longer set by historical comparables or recent sales data,

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7 METCALFE STREET - $469,900



This little bungalow with big attitude rests in the heart of St. George's Park.  At a list price of $470k and 20% down payment, your mortgage payment would be $1685/month.  But wait!  Collect $850/month from the lower unit and your personal mortgage payment becomes $835/month.  Formerly known as St. George's Ward, this prestige neighbourhood boasts a variety of architectural styles from the past.  Gothic Revival (1840's) to Second Empire and Queen Anne (1860's to 1880's) to Edwardian and Tudor (1900's) and Post War Victory housing (1940's), all find their place in the Park.  A small number of streets in this neighbourhood boast more contemporary homes on in-fill lots.  Welcome to 7 Metcalfe St.  The

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My early morning routine now consists of a cup of java and a 15 minute scan of new Facebook posts.   I'd like to say this indulgence is purely for business purposes but I'd be lying.  I used to be inspired by the collage of new ideas, enlightening quotes, triumphant achievements and humorous anecdotes, but they are now marred and hidden by the seemingly endless barrage of political campaign defamation, over aggressive target marketed advertising and disturbing images begging for an Amen.  Now practiced, I can easily identify a "bait and switch article" as well as articles comprised solely of election smear campaign propaganda, and can scroll right past it, BUT, I am sometimes drawn into the fray only to find myself completely dumbfounded by the

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I have just returned from an incredible journey to Honduras and Nicaragua. I find myself drawn to the Latin countries not because they are some of the cheapest countries in the world to travel to, but, perhaps because of the spirit of the people who live there. They are born into extreme poverty, constantly reminded by the steady flow of tourists, of a life they dare only to dream of.  After a tiring two day journey home, a couple of chicken buses and an eleven hour flight, I arrive home exhausted. I ditch my backpack inside the front the door and stumble up to the bathroom for a shower before bed.  The bathroom sparkles with cleanliness, and as if anticipating my arrival, offers a soothing shower with a generous stream of constant hot water. This

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